The Latest in Non-surgical Body Sculpting



Diet and work-out are the staple solutions for reducing weight and attaining a perfectly shaped figure. While these methods are used by almost everyone, there are people whose bodies contain pockets of fat that are extremely difficult to get rid of through such traditional means. For them, there is a wide range of non-surgical body sculpting treatments available.
Non-surgical body sculpting treatments are completely non-invasive and safe. Yet you should always consult your physician before going for such treatments. Body sculpting treatments work best on those who lie within normal range in the body mass index. One thing that should be noted about non-surgical body-sculpting techniques is that they permanently eliminate the fat cells from the body.

These non-surgical body sculpting treatments are not meant for excessive removal of fat. They are not a replacement for workout, diet or liposuction. For those looking to shed a lot of body fat should ideally go for liposuction. Body sculpting treatments are only meant for giving a proper shape and curve to your body. Mentioned below are some of the major non-surgical body sculpting treatments that are available today.

* Fat-freezing or cold treatments- These treatments use extremely cold temperatures to destroy fat cells located in specific locations. The tool that is used, pulls the skin via a suction mechanism and then cools the selected region, killing the fat cells. This body sculpting treatment can be used for all parts of the body such as arms, legs, abdomen, chins and love handles. While the treatment is safe for most patients, those suffering from certain vascular conditions should avoid it.

* Heat treatments- Similar to the cold treatment, the application of heat kills the fat cells in the selected region. Most heat treatments use a form of laser to heat up the fat localities. This treatment is best suited for relatively flat regions such as abdomens and thighs.

* Ultrasound therapy- Ultrasound treatments send high-frequency sound waves through the human body. These waves hit the fat cells and break them down into extremely small particles which get naturally drained from the body. This process uses mechanical energy to break down fat cells instead of heat or cold. The device is in the form of an applicator which is moved around the body destroying fat cells wherever necessary. This process is mostly used only for the abdominal regions and not for other parts of the body.

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